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Our Menu – old

Prepared on the spot, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, we serve mouth-wateringly tasty, gourmet sausages in a bun. Meal options are available too, with a variety of all locally sourced, natural potato chips and a selection of Canadian hand-brewed sodas. With three sausage options supplied by Stapleton Sausage Co., and a vegetarian choice as well, we guarantee you’ve never tasted sausages so good. But don’t take our word for it. Tasting is believing!

Taste of Heaven currently offers these divinely delicious sausages:

A spiced, glazed, and roasted carrot sausage adorned with spinach, onions and Thai chili mayo. Whoa – a carrot? In a bun? Sounds different, but we assure you it’s delectable. This “sausage” was one of our highest rated menu items in our Taste of Heaven taste test.

A Greek seasoned turkey sausage, fresh diced tomato, cucumber and red onion completed with a tzatziki drizzle - our take on a donair!

A Cubano-inspired chorizo sausage, topped with bacon, onions, chimichurri sauce, mozzarella cheese and chipotle crumbs. Hold on – two kinds of meat AND cheese? You’ll want to slow down and enjoy every bit of this tasty creation, a take on the classic Cuban sandwich.

Hardbite Chips

BC’s only potato chip manufacturing plant, Hardbite is a family run business. The handcrafted-style chips with an unbeatable crunch are free from GMOs, trans fat, gluten and cholesterol. Made from local potatoes, the chips are dressed in aromatic, natural seasonings. Taste of Heaven offers Hardbite's Rock Salt & Vinegar, All Natural, Wild Onion & Yogurt, Smokin' BBQ and Jalapeno flavours.

Pacific Bottleworks Co.

Taste of Heaven now carries a wide variety of leading premium beverage brands supplied by Pacific Bottleworks Company. These great brands include Boylan Bottling Company, Cabana Lemonade + Limeade, and Good Drink. From black cherry soda to iced tea to lemonade, and everything in between… we’ve got a great variety! Quench your thirst with some of these delicious, refreshing beverages.


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