• Our Menu

  • Prepared on the spot, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, we serve mouth-wateringly tasty, gourmet sausages in a bun. Meal options are available too, with a variety all natural potato chips and a selection of hand-brewed sodas. With three sausage options (including vegetarian) created by our Taste of Heaven chef, we guarantee you’ve never tasted sausages so good. But don’t take our word for it. Tasting is believing!

    Taste of Heaven currently offers these divinely delicious sausages:

  • The Mindful Saint

    A spiced, glazed, and roasted carrot sausage adorned with spinach, fennel, onions and Thai chili mayo. Whoa – a carrot? In a bun? Sounds different, but we assure you it’s delectable. This “sausage” was one of our highest rated menu items in our Taste of Heaven taste test. 

  • The Pillar of the East

    A Vietnamese inspired, banh mi style sub. A sweet and sour pork sausage served with house-pickled spiral veggies, cilantro and hoisin mayo. This sausage brings the brightness of Vietnamese flavours to the heartiness of a gourmet sausage. Street food doesn’t get any better!

  • The Gatekeeper

    A Cubano-inspired chorizo sausage, topped with bacon, onions, chimichurri sauce and mozzarella cheese. Hold on – two kinds of meat AND cheese? You’ll want to slow down and enjoy every bit of this tasty creation, a take on the classic Cuban sandwich.

  • Hardbite Chips

    BC’s only potato chip manufacturing plant, Hardbite is a family run business. The handcrafted-stye chips with an unbeatable crunch are free from GMOs, trans fat, gluten and cholesterol. Made from local potatoes, the chips are dressed in aromatic, natural seasonings. 

    Here are a few examples of the sort of tasty Hardbite chips we offer:

  • Smokin’ BBQ

    Aptly named, our Smokin’ BBQ chips give you just the hot, seasoned flavour you want with a fresh-off-the-grill, comforting feel. And, rightfully so. We went to great lengths to hand cook our potatoes to perfection, ensuring every tilt and turn on our chips is packed with the promise to sound crunchy, feel hearty and taste smokey.

  • Wild Onion & Yogurt

    Inspired by the lush, breathtaking beauty surrounding us, we used some of the best BC has to offer in our Wild Onion & Yogurt chips. This oh-so-divine blend of natural ingredients will bring a tear to your eye because of its heavenly flavour—and maybe its sweet punch of onion, too.

  • Sweet Onion

    There’s a time for full-on, in-your-face fun and a time for sweet reflection. Sitting back and savouring the moment. That’s the spirit behind these Sweet Onion chips. Our trademark satisfying crunch accompanied with a gentle infusion of onion. Substantial, yet subtle. Something to think about while you’re enjoying them!

  • All Natural

    In this land of the health-conscious and yoga-pant wearing, our All Natural chips fit right in. That’s because they contain low sodium—a must for the heart smart. Only our brightest-eyed, golden potatoes make the cut, and we personally see to it that they deliver crunchy, crispy and irresistibly satisfying All Natural chips you can feel good about biting into.

  • Phillips Sodas

    The Victoria-based Phillips Soda Works took their commitment to hand-brewing craft beer with real ingredients, and applied it to making soda. Their soda recipes are built from real spices and juices, sweetened with cane sugar, and overseen by real brewers in an actual brewery. These fantastic sodas are free of cheap corn syrups, artificial colours or flavours.

  • Intergalactic Root Beer

    Pours a soft amber colour with a thick white head. Cotton candy aromas launch from the bottle and take you on a wonderfully sweet flavour adventure highlighted with hints of wintergreen, vanilla, and very subtle black pepper.

  • Speed King Craft Cola

    Pours a deep, earthy brown colour with a full white head. Pop the top, and a full cola nose races forward, followed with a round, rich flavour, punctuated with hints of toasted cotton candy and traces of lime.

  • Sparkmouth Ginger Ale

    Pours an almost clear colour and may show traces of freshly mashed ginger. As you open the bottle, bright ginger dances off the nose leading to a flavour that sparkles with ginger, wrapped in soft sweetness. Subtle heat begins to grow with each sip and highlights freshness.

  • Dare Devil Orange Cream

    Pours a slightly opaque orange colour with a thick white head. Tangerine and orange aromas leap fearlessly from the bottle and transform into high-flying bright citrus flavours that land clean with a smooth vanilla sweetness.